6 January 2019


Amis letter 02/01


Making friends… Sharing thoughts


Dear Amis


We are at the beginning of a new year as well as the second cycle of Amis.


During the following 8 weeks we will meet some new friends. I hope that that by being introduced to them, that you will benefit from meeting them and might discover some new aspects of life.


Today I introduce you to:


Aelred of Rievaulx


Aelred was born in 1110 near the border of Northumbria and Scotland.

At the age of 24 (1134) Aelred left Scotland to become a monk in Rievaulx. He wrote a small book which became a classic in Christian Spirituality called: Spiritual Friendship.

In writing this book, Aelred drew on classic works (for example Cicero, Augustine). His argues that human friendship leads to union with Christ in this life and culminating in being blessed.

Christ’s promise is at the heart of Aelred’s argument: human friendships begin with one or two friends, Christ making a third, then expand to include the many, as in the early church. Finally, continuing in Christ, friendship comes at last to perfection, including all in God’s eternity.


Now that is enough… you could discover more of Aelred by a simple search on the internet!


You have now been introduced to Aelred – never say you haven’t met him!


Kind regards


Until next week!




To think about:

In which friendships have you been blessed?

In what ways was Christ present in those friendships?

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