13 January 2019


Amis letter 02/02


Aelred and Jesus


Dear Amis


Aelred, to whom I have introduced you last week, has almost disappeared from the scene of mainstream theology. Why would that be? Perhaps his voice was silenced by our differences on theology, doctrine and denominationalism (our church loyalties). Perhaps his thoughts were too close to home – touching our lives where it hurts most and where change is most difficult.




Our attitude towards others


So what about staying with Aelred one more week…

With Aelred and Jesus…


Where did Aelred get his conviction from?

Perhaps a passage like Matthew 9:1-7

The well-known story of a lame man who was brought to Jesus.

When Jesus sees their faith, He says

“Courage, TEKNON, your sins are forgiven.”


TEKNON being the Greek word for “child” or “son”.

But clearly Jesus does not use this word in a literal sense.

It is – within this context – a term of endearment.

Was Jesus touched by this man’s friends who carried him to Jesus?

Did Jesus see their compassion?

“Courage, my dear man…”

“Courage, my dear friend…”

“Courage, you who are weakened to lameness but so deeply love by friends that they actually carried you here…”


That is Jesus’ response

That is what Aelred had seen

And us?

Whenever we meet, interact, talk to someone else

perhaps we too could see the cloud of people who love this person

and be filled with compassion.



Kind regards


Until next week!




To think about:

Call into mind the vast cloud of people who love you?

Could that fill you with more compassion for yourself?

See the friends who surround everyone you meet this week.

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