05 May 2019


Amis letter 1 of cycle 3 (01/03)


Dear Amis


Two weeks ago, one of the “Amis” visited Paris. He politely asked: “When can I expect the next Amis letter?” He had been expecting the next round of letters. He had missed them since the previous letter at the end of February. I hope more of you have missed these letters – or that it may serve as some inspiration or encouragement.


Two months have passed. I hope it was a meaningful time in each of your lives.


We live in connected world. More so than ever before. Everything that happens -especially bad news – very quickly appear on our screens. Except if we deliberately disconnect, we can and will be updated on all breaking news within minutes.


And quite a lot has happened in the world in the last two months: the attacks in New Zealand and in Sri Lanka and in the USA. For many of us Brexit has been brexing news for months. In Paris, and around the world, the fire in the Notre Dame Cathedral was sad and shocking. There are many other stories… Venezuela, climate change and natural disasters, the first picture of a black hole and even a small earthquake on Mars!


All these things have an effect on us. We react in one way or another.

We may allow it to determine our mood and mindset or we might shrug it off. Our connectedness is more than just screens or newspapers. Our connectedness lies is us ALL being “earthlings”. This is our “home” – for all of us. It is a complicated living-together. We need each other but we do not always like (let alone love) each other. Our live together can be marked by hospitality or hostility. This will be the theme for our next few letters.


Therefore, as preparation, today’s letter is more reflective – before we dive into other matters. I invite you to reflect on the following questions – you might even write some thoughts in your journal…

 What has happened in your life in the last two months?

Were there specific events of hospitality during this time?

Where there moments of hostility in your life?


Have a great week…!


With kind love

Jan Steyn

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