19 May 2019


Amis letter 20  (03/03)


Dear Amis


Following my visit to Taize in April 2019, I share with you the four Proposals the Taize Community reflect on this year. The main theme being “Let us not forget hospitality”.


Let us not forget hospitality

Do not forget to show hospitality, for by doing so some people have welcomed angels without knowing it. Hebrews 13:2


In 2nd of the 4 Proposals:  

Be attentive to Christ's presence in our lives


God offers us hospitality, but it is by our free response that it becomes a true

communion with him. Jesus shows us that God is love, offering us friendship. Humbly, Christ stands at our door and knocks. Like a poor man, he hopes for and awaits our hospitality in return. If someone opens the door for him, he will enter.

We can acknowledge his knock at the door, His presence, with the simplest of prayers. Then, even when we hardly sense his presence, Christ comes to dwell within us.


* Praying in a church, even for just a moment; setting time aside, in the evening

or the morning, with no other purpose than to entrust our day to God—these

are things that build us up inwardly over time. Recalling the presence of Christ

also frees us from our fears—the fear of others, the fear of not being good

enough, worry in the face of an uncertain future.


When we do not have much time, we can speak to Christ about ourselves

and others—those nearby and far away—in just a few words, as in a whisper.

We can tell him what is in us and what we do not always understand. A few

words from the Bible can also remain with us throughout the day.


The Risen Christ said: “I stand at the door and knock. If anyone

hears my voice and opens the door, | will come in and eat with

them, and they with me.” (Revelation 3:20)

What helps me to hear Christ?

What does it mean for me to “open the door" to him?

How do I imagine God? As someone who comes towards me?

As Someone who is waiting for me?

What would I like to receive from God?


With love


Jan Steyn

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