24 February 2019


Amis letter 02/08


The Last Letter of this Cycle


Dear Amis


This is the last letter of “Cycle 2” of Amis 2018-2019.


During the last two months I have introduced you to three spiritual friends. I would call them “spiritual masters” or mentors. Aelred of Rievaulx, Meister Eckhart and Henri Nouwen. Some of you might have heard of them or perhaps have read some of their works. Perhaps you have never heard of some of them and perhaps will never read or hear from them again. But I believe an awareness, knowledge and even “encouters” with these masters can broaden our hearts and understanding. For many of us – and I definitely include myself – knowledge of these masters were long neglected or unexplored. To be fair, even a reasonable knowledge of any one of them could fill a lifetime. But they can become part of our friends-gallery to enrich our lives.


As this is the last letter of this cycle, I invite you to re-read the short introduction-letter or perhaps even explore more about one of them. The internet is a great source of knowledge too.


During this time of recess I also invite you to some regular time of reflection.


Take some time for silence of “quiet”.

Reflect on who you are.

Think about the role of friends in your life.

Reflect on how you personally think about God.


So with these last thoughts, I now say goodbye

until the next letter

at the beginning May 2019.






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